The Towers and Ritz Carlton - Perth - Western Australia

Our commission is to design and supervise the hydraulic package for the Towers and Ritz Carlton. The 

379 luxurious apartments anchored by the proposed 204 room Ritz-Carlton hotel, the centerpiece of Perth’s most prestigious waterside precinct to date. Includes 3 towers, triple basement and shared 5 levels of podium.

Our scope of work is to design the hydraulic engineering in a design and construct environment whereby we design and take total responsibility for the construction drawings as they will be built as we document. The original consultant produced a tender design but were not novated. SPP Group WA were awarded the commission for the design and construct contract because we were able to demonstrate how the entire hydraulic contract could be re-designed, focusing on engineering and how a design can be built.

The design includes central systems for hot and cold water, with balanced pressure for delivery.


Our premium value add is an alternate design to the sewer design, the first of its kind in a WA building of this size and acknowledged by the plumbing Licencing Board as leading the industry. We have applied fluid mechanics to how plumbing behaves. By using mathematical proofing of Colebrook and White formulae we have demonstrated to the licencing board we can use an alternative sewer sizing methodology to AS 3500.

In terms of value, our alternate solution saves significant cost in reduced head work costs, and negates the need for unnecessary excavation.


Colebrook and White equation
Colebrook and White equation
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