Modular Construction

Modular Construction can be a primary consideration for knowing clients. As consultants we are always furthering our own knowledge as technology progresses. This means for the discerning client, we add value by risk mitigation, and simply apply our compliance to Australian Standards knowledge in all instances.

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The scope of services we offer is typically the  following;

Modular Concept -

  • Initial module layout; and

  • Work with the architect to assist with the internal layouts and

  • Pro’s and Con’s in relation to a modular vs traditional construction, local vs overseas manufacture.

Modular layout development and cost analysis-

  • Prepare module schedules; and

  • Finalise concept modular layouts; and

  • Further work with the architect to assist with the internal layouts and

  • Provide current local and overseas modular and traditional budgets for construction analysis

Expression of Interest process-

  • We would prepare an EOI documentation

  • Issue to local and overseas manufacturers (Manufacturers regionally have previously been assessed)

  • Collate and analyse responses

  • Recommendations report

Modual MEP.png