Certificate of Appreciation

It should be us giving the Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade a certificate of appreciation for the dedication they put in to protect their community. Never the less, we were delighted when SPP Group WA received one for providing our professional engineering services for free, allowing the Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to successfully refurbish their fire station.

Using Blockchain Technology, SPP Group WA accepts payment of our professional services with cryptocurrency.

Find out which currencies by clicking on the image.

Super Computers

The Mechanical cooling behind a super computer system is an ever evolving puzzle. Every facility wants a low PUE (Power Utilisation Efficiency) to generate the highest flops per watt.

Our engineers designed the cooling system behind the Pawsey Centre in Perth. We continuously keep up to date with the latest HPC technologies as we move towards exa-scale computing.

We have seen facilities in the US and trends in technology needed to support science.

If you're interested the fastist computers in the world are listed here.

Research areas - Biomimicry

What is biomimicry in architecture?

It is a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable design that follows a set of principles rather than stylistic codes.


It is part of a larger movement known as biomimicry, which is the examination of nature, its models, systems, and processes for the purpose of gaining inspiration in order to solve man-made problems.

We have lectured on the engineering implications and innovations available in engineering for buildings by simply copying nature. Click on the image or the PDF file to see what can be copied from nature.

State Advisor - Mechanical Engineering - Healthcare Sector

The Licensing and Accreditation Regulatory Unit (LARU) is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of private hospitals in Western Australia.

We are one of the appointed technical experts, providing review and advice for Mechanical Engineering within the Hospitals of Western Australia.

Guest Lecturerer - UWA - School of Architecture

The Architecture Landscape and Visual Art (ALVA) is a creative hub at UWA. Over the years, Ashley has been a guest of ALVA, conducting lectures on the built world. His focus has been on innovation of engineering within Architecture.


Advising and listening to ideas from the students, as they prepare their final portfolios, on the way to becoming registered Architects.

Running workshops, tutorials and guest lecturers is a very enjoyable part of the industry we work in.

Download our most recent lecture / discussion in PPT from THIS LINK for click on the PHOTO for PDF version

Innovative Materials - Graphene

Graphene is the world's thinnest substance, transparent but stronger than steel - a conductive super-material made of carbon just one atom thick.

There is a surge of interest in it to replace semiconductors in next-generation computers, touch screens, batteries and solar cells.

Graphene is a material of the future in the building industry, and when it happens, SPP will be at the forefront. We are active in international forums and can see great things ahead......

If you're interested there is some fascinating research here.

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